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National Intellectual Property Model City
Date: 2010/1/12    Editor: superwen    View: 6042

On the morning of November 17, 2008, Shantou Municipal Committee and Municipal Government held a meeting in the Municipal Committee conference center for the mobilization of building Shantou into a national intellectual property model city. On behalf of the State Intellectual Property Office, Xing Shengcai, the Deputy Director of the State Intellectual Property Office, presented the plaque of "National Intellectual Property Model City" to Mayor Cai Zongze. This signified the official recognition of Shantou City as a national intellectual property model city and a new start for the intellectual property work for Shantou. Huang Zhiguang, the Secretary of the Municipal Committee, emphasized that Shantou shall adhere to the Scientific Outlook on Development and take this opportunity to implement overall intellectual property strategies, speed up the construction of a new Shantou, make sure the quantity and quality of independent intellectual properties and independent brands fitting in the social and economic development of Shantou, boost the significant improvement of Shantou's independent innovation capacities and industrial competitive strengths, and strive to develop Shantou into a city with strong innovation vitality, smooth transformation channels, and robust intellectual property protection mechanism.

Source: Shantou Daily

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日期: 2010/1/12    上传者: superwen    阅读数: 6042



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