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The Foreign Trade Integrated Service Platform of the International Overseas Chinese Trade Fair Landed and Operated in Shantou
Date: 2017/3/12    Editor: check01    View: 522

During the period of the 2nd "International Overseas Chinese Trade Fair", the Bureau of Commerce of Shantou signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shantou Chamber Commerce in Shenzhen, with the purpose of introducing the resources of Shantou Chamber Commerce in Shenzhen, establishing the first foreign trade integrated service platform —— "Foreign Trade Integrated Service Platform of the International Overseas Chinese Trade Fair" in Shantou by relying on the channel resources, foreign trade integrated service experience, elite team and other advantages of Shenzhen OCTF Group Co., Ltd., with the aim of promoting the healthy and sustainable development of Shantou's foreign trade industry. Recently, through this service platform, an enterprise in Shantou completed Shantou's first foreign trade business of exporting with the mode of "double headers", which can achieve the foreign trade return of about RMB 200 million every year.

Source:Shantou Daily, Mar 12, 2017

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日期: 2017/3/12    上传者: check01    阅读数: 522

  在第二届“全球华人华侨产业交易会”期间,汕头市商务局与深圳汕头商会签订战略合作协议,引进深圳汕头商会资源,依托深圳侨交会集团有限公司的渠道资源、外贸综合服务经验和精英团队等优势,在汕头设立首个外贸综合服务平台——“侨交会外贸综合服务平台”,推动汕头市外贸行业健康持续发展。近日,我市一企业通过该服务平台完成汕头首笔通过 “双抬头”模式出口的外贸业务,可实现每年约2亿元的外贸回流。

来源:汕头日报 2017-3-12

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