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Shantou Meixi River Large Bridge Begins to Take Shape
Date: 2017/9/1    Editor: liuxi    View: 768

Shantou Connection Line Project of Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway is steadily advancing, and the construction of its control project —— Meixi River Large Bridge is accelerated. The steel truss girder of the bridge has begun to take shape. It is expected that the steel truss girder will be dragged to its place by September 15, the construction of the mounting bridge floor system of pre-cast slabs will be completed by October 13, and the bridge girder erection machine will be accessible by October 14.

Meixi River Double-line Large Bridge spans across two cities including Shantou and Meizhou, with a length of about 2.4 kilometers and with a span of about 200 meters over the river. At present, the substructure of the bridge has been completed. The midspan of the continuous beam has been connected. The first span and second span of the steel truss girder has been assembled, dragging a total length of 138 meters, and 60% of the third span has been assembled.

Source:Shantou Tequ Wanbao, Sep 1, 2017

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日期: 2017/9/1    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 768



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