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Residential Quarters
Located in Changping Road, Longhu District, this project is one of the large residential communities in Shantou at present. Its greatest feature is that the traditional folk house culture in Chaoshan region has been integrated into the modern urban building design. This project demonstrate...
Located in Zhongshan Road, Longhu District, this project takes up an area of about 266,800 square meters. The total floor area is about 330,000 square meters, consisting of 65 multi-floor buildings, 9 small high-rise buildings and 88 villas. In the planning and design, the local "people ...
Located in Changping Road, Longhu District,this project is the only ultra-large running-water community in the east of Guangdong at present The total floor area of the project is about 700,000 square meters, with a total of 3160 households in the community. The entire community is divided in...
Located at the junction of Haibin Road and Dongxia Road S. in Shantou City, this project covers a land area of nearly 80 mu. It consists of 11 seascape small high-rise residential buildings (12 stories–23 stories) with sound and complete living support facilities. The Park is equipped w...
Located in Zhongshan Road, Longhu District, this project, featured by the Construction Mode for Seashore Garden and the Living Style for Seashore Garden, is the residential area where the Continental European architectural style is introduced for the first time in Shantou City, and becomes th...
Located in Hanjiang Road, Longhu District, this project is one of the large residential areas in Shantou at present and occupies a land of 40,020 square meters. The building adopts the random-height design, the details in the architecture demonstrate the European architectural style. The project...
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