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Shantou Launches 2017 Application for the Program of Supporting Returned Overseas-educated Chinese to Start Businesses
Date: 2017/2/24    Editor: check01    View: 159

According to the requirements of the notice of the Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs of Guangdong Province, from now on Shantou City will launch 2017 application for the Program of Supporting Returned Overseas-educated Chinese to Start Businesses.

Funded projects are classified into key projects and excellent projects. A key project for starting business approved and determined by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security will be given a lump sum of RMB 500,000 support for starting business; an excellent project for starting business determined will be given a lump sum of RMB 200,000 support for starting business. The related local institution shall provide matching financial support.

For those who apply for the Program of Supporting Returned Overseas-educated Chinese to Start Businesses must simultaneously satisfy the following conditions: the legal representative of the enterprise shall be a returned overseas-educated Chinese, who generally should have a master degree or above; have independent intellectual property rights or invention patents with strong technological innovation and strong market potential; be familiar with related fields and international rules, and have management ability. If he has overseas experience of independently starting business, he will be preferred. The registration time of the enterprise is no more than 3 years; the cash asset of the registered capital of the enterprise is no less than RMB 500,000, and the capital contributed by the returned overseas-educated Chinese accounts for more than 50% of the registered capital; the legal person of the enterprise should be honest and law-abiding, without illegal and criminal records. The deadline for Shantou City to accept the application is February 27.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 24, 2017

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日期: 2017/2/24    上传者: check01    阅读数: 159




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