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Shantou Establishes the First Public Library in the Commercial Complex
Date: 2017/6/6    Editor: check01    View: 72

Recently, the first branch of Longhu District Library —— Hesheng Sub-library was established in Hesheng Department Store. This is Shantou’s first public library in the commercial complex.

Longhu District Library Hesheng Sub-library includes the book lending area and reader activity experience area. The book lending area is about 110 square meters, providing a total of 5,000 books in art, novels, life and entertainment are suitable for citizens, especially children. After a citizen has registered with his second-generation identity card, every time he can borrow two books for free, and he can return them to any public library of Shantou City. The reading area is equipped with a Goethe borrowing machine and an integrated learning machine for children. There are 3,000 kinds of built-in books in the Goethe borrowing machine. Every month, 150 E-books are updated. Combining with Longhu Mobile Library, the readers can browse about more than 1.6 million kinds of E-books and massive video resources.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jun 6 2017

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日期: 2017/6/6    上传者: check01    阅读数: 72



来源:汕头日报 2017-6-6

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