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Shantou's Brand of "China's Land of Chaozhou Cuisine" has been Reviewed and Determined
Date: 2017/12/4    Editor: liuxi    View: 212

From November 29 to December 1, China Cuisine Association grandly held China Food & Beverage Procurement and Supply Festival and China's Cuisine Landmark Cities Promotion and Exchange Fair in Xiamen. As one of "China's Cuisine Landmark Cities", Shantou ——"China's Land of Teochew Cuisine" ——was invited to participate in the event.

Zhou Leyi, Vice Director of the Municipal Commerce Bureau, as the representative of the functional departments of Shantou Municipal Government, and Cai Zhenrong, President of Shantou Food and Beverage Association, led Shantou's famous enterprises to participate in the event, to display the features of Teochew cuisine culture, and to promote the charm of Shantou ——"China's Land of Teochew Cuisine". During the event, at the 7th meeting of the 6th Standing Council of China Cuisine Association, on behalf of China Cuisine Association, President Jiang Junxian presented the honorable plaque "China's Land of Teochew Cuisine —— Shantou, Guangdong" to Shantou City.

Shantou's brand of "China's Land of Teochew Cuisine" was established in 2003; Shantou was determined as one of "China's Cuisine Landmark Cities" by China Cuisine Association. After having been reviewed and determined by China Cuisine Association, Shantou City once again won the honorable title of "China's Land of Teochew Cuisine" awarded by China Cuisine Association.

Source:Bureau of Commerce of Shantou Municipal, Dec 4, 2017

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日期: 2017/12/4    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 212



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