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Four Female Students of Shantou University Rows Canoe across the Atlantic Ocean and Break World Records
Date: 2018/1/19    Editor: liuxi    View: 508

8:25am (Beijing Time), January 18, the Atlantic rowing team Kung Fu Cha-Cha, which was composed of four female students of Shantou University, successfully reached Antigua in North America; among 25 participating teams, it became the 7th team to breast the tape, the 1st women's team to reach the finish line, and broke four world records: the first Atlantic Rowing Chinese team, the first Atlantic Rowing Asian team, the historically youngest Atlantic Rowing team (the average age of the four team members is 23.5 years old, while the average age of all participants is 33.58 years old, and the women's team champion with the result of 34 days, 13 hours and 13 minutes (which broke the world record of 40 days, 8 hours and 26 minutes two years ago).

"Atlantic Rowing Challenge" is a great event in the ocean rowing world, known as the world's most arduous rowing event; starting from San Sebastian in La Gomera, Spain to Antigua in North America, the participating team will row 3,000 miles (about 5,000 kilometers), across the Atlantic Ocean . Kung Fu Cha-Cha is China's first team to participate in the Atlantic Rowing Challenge. Four female students of Kung Fu Cha-Cha are Chen Yuli, Li Xiaobing and Liang Mintian from Guangdong Province as well as Meng Yajie from Henan Province. They performed well and kept leading the women's teams. During their rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, the participating teams once encountered strong wind attacks and 6-meter high waves, two of which had to exit the race. However, the rowers of Kung Fu Cha-Cha broke through the predicament with their resolute hands, safely overcame the adverse sea conditions, and moved ahead days and nights to win the women's championship.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jan 19, 2018

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日期: 2018/1/19    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 508

  北京时间1月18日8时25分,由汕头大学四名女生组成的Kung Fu Cha-Cha横渡大西洋划艇队成功抵达北美安提瓜,在25支参赛队伍中成为第七支冲线的队伍,也是第一支到达的女子队伍,并一举打破四项世界纪录,分别是首支横渡大西洋的中国队伍、首支划渡大西洋的亚洲队伍、划渡大西洋史上最年轻的参赛队伍(参赛者平均年龄33.58岁,四人平均年龄23.5岁)、以34天13小时13分问鼎女子队冠军(打破两年前40天8小时26分的世界纪录)。。
  “横渡大西洋挑战赛”是海洋划艇界的盛事,被誉为全球最艰辛的划艇赛事,从西班牙拉戈梅拉岛的圣塞巴斯蒂安出发,划行3000海里(约5000公里),到达北美安提瓜,横跨大西洋。Kung Fu Cha-Cha是中国首队出征参加该赛事的划艇队,四名女生分别是广东籍的陈钰丽、黎晓冰、梁敏甜和河南籍的孟亚洁。她们表现出色,在女子队中一直领先。在大西洋划行期间,曾遇上强风袭击及6米高巨浪,比赛中有2支队伍翻艇需退出赛事,但Kung Fu Cha-Cha划手们凭四双坚毅的小手,突破困局,安全渡过恶劣海况,在日夜前行中力夺女子冠军宝座。


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