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The Quality Work of Shantou Municipal Government is Rated as Grade A in the Appraisal by Guangdong Province
Date: 2018/2/28    Editor: liuxi    View: 318

According to a recent circular of Guangdong Provincial Government on the appraisal results of 2016-2017 annual quality work of the municipal government at the prefecture level or above, Shantou City, along with six other cities including Guangzhou and Shenzhen, was rated as "Grade A".

In recent years, Shantou City has made full efforts to promote the work of creating a "National Pilot on Invigorating the City through Quality", gradually established the core position of quality in economic and social development, issued a package of policy measures to promote the development of quality, and vigorously promoted the overall revitalization and coordinated development of economy and society. Up to now, 108 products of 77 enterprises in Shantou City (including 105 products in the industry class and 3 products in the service class) have won the title of the provincial famous brand product, and the number of famous brand products has exceeded 100, ranking in the front of Guangdong Province.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 28, 2018

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日期: 2018/2/28    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 318



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