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Shantou's First Human Resources Industrial Park will be Put into Operation in June
Date: 2018/3/28    Editor: liuxi    View: 106

In order to promote the construction of the key platform for employment public service, Shantou builds the human resources industrial park in line with local conditions. The industrial park is located in Jinhu Building. There are 11 floors in main building, with a gross floor area of more than 6,300 square meters. Among others, the public service window, recruitment service hall, and self-service integrated teller machine will be set up on the first and third floors of the building, providing all kinds of service objects with one-stop services including social security, employment and entrepreneurship, archive custody, personnel, and labor relations. Shantou Center of Personnel Platforms will be set up on the fifth and sixth floors of the building, providing accommodation, leisure, information release, technology exchange, project connectivity and other services for high-end talents engaging with Shantou. Domestic and foreign well-known human resources service institutions, human resources associations, entrepreneurship incubators, and small-loan companies will reside on the second, fourth, and seventh to tenth floors of the building.

Currently, the renovation and repairs of the industrial park are accelerated. It is expected that the first-stage project will be completed and put into operation in June. After the industrial park is completed, at least 30 high-end talents recruitment fairs and 12 summit forums of human resources will be held every year.

Source:Shantou Daily, March 28, 2018

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日期: 2018/3/28    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 106

  为推进就业公共服务重点平台建设,我市因地制宜打造人力资源产业园。该产业园选址于金湖大厦,主楼高11 层,总建筑面积6300多平方米。其中,大楼1、3层设置人才公共服务窗口、招聘服务大厅、自助式综合服务柜员机等,为各类服务对象提供社会保障、就业创业、档案托管、人事人才、劳动关系等一站式业务的办理。大楼5至6层为汕头市人才驿站总站,为来汕交流对接的高端人才提供食宿、休闲、信息发布、技术交流、项目对接等综合服务。大楼2、4、7至10层主要引进国内外知名人力资源服务机构、人力资源协会、创业孵化机构、小额贷款公司等进驻。


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