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Guangdong's Main Venue Activities of 2018 "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" will be Held in Shantou
Date: 2018/5/28    Editor: liuxi    View: 154

Guangdong's main venue activities of 2018 "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" jointly organized by the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province and the People's Government of Shantou City will be held in Shantou on June 9-14.

The main venue activities will be held in the buildings and old streets with historical and cultural values, including the Zhongshan Pavilion in the Small Park, the Stage of the Palace-Temple of Old Mother, and the Stage of Red Pavilion. The activities include more than 80 sessions in 20 major categories, including Lingnan cultural tour, on-site demonstration of the successors to their own intangible heritages, exhibition of the creative works of the new generation of successors, Guangdong folklore series of photography exhibitions, promotion of "intangible heritage tour routes", publicity of intangible heritages into the communities and schools, auction of fine works of traditional craftsmanship, performance of the performers of Chaozhou opera, display of Shantou's intangible heritages, and intangible heritage food festival. Among others, 25 teams will take part in Lingnan cultural tour; 120 successors to their own intangible heritages will display 60 intangible heritages.

Source:Shantou Daily, May 28, 2018

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日期: 2018/5/28    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 154



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