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Mangrove Ecological Landscape Belt Will be Created in Shantou
Date: 2018/7/31    Editor: liuxi    View: 117

In order to develop the Niutianyang area in a scientific, reasonable way, recently, Shantou City began to fully plant mangroves in the tidal-flat area surrounding the Niutianyang Dike. It is expected that the area surrounding the Niutianyang Dike, which is about 11 kilometers long and covers an area of nearly 350,000 square meters, will be built into a mangrove ecological landscape belt in two years.

Within the area stretching westward from No. 1 water-gate of Niutianyang Dike to No. 7 water-gate at the junction with Chaozhou-Shantou Express Ring Road, 230,000 seedling trees including aegiceras corniculatum, kandelia and bruguiear gymnorrhiza will be planted, with a total investment of about RMB 42 million. By then, a coastal ecological landscape belt in which a white dyke is matched with green trees will be built, which give full play to the functions of preventing wind, solidifying the shore, protecting the dyke and purifying water, protect the Niuyangtian wetland ecosystem, improve the biodiversity, beautify the environment. Thus, a coastal green ecological barrier will be built in the large-scale development of the western region.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 31, 2018

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日期: 2018/7/31    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 117



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