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Shantou Fight Floods With Combined Efforts All Fronts
Date: 2018/9/3    Editor: liuxi    View: 157

On August 30, heavy rain to rainstorm occurred in Shantou, affecting nearly 450,000 people. Shantou City immediately started the emergency response, promptly handling emergencies and relieving disasters, opening all drainage stations, coordinating and deploying mobile pumps, and organizing manpower to clear up river courses and sluices, so as to keep the river courses unblocked and smoothly drain floods. Meanwhile, Shantou City assigned inflatable boats and rubber dinghies to Chaoyang District and Chaonan District, coordinated Shantou Garrison Command to maneuver emergency reinforcements to Chendian Town and Simapu Town in Chaonan District, and requested the Flood Control Headquarters under the People's Governments of Guangdong Province to assign the soldiers and inflatable boats of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade and Foshan Emergency Rescue Team and its inflatable boats to support for flood control and rescue work in Shantou City.

Shantou City also made full use of the disaster relief information platform to guide social organizations to participate in disaster relief work in an orderly manner, so that more people could participate in the disaster relief work. In addition, Shantou City immediately organized the masses and cadres to fully clean up the town areas where the flood had subsided, and assigned professionals to disinfect such areas, so as to eliminate disaster traces and resume normal life and production order as soon as possible.

Source:Shantou Daily, Spe 3, 2018

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日期: 2018/9/3    上传者: liuxi    阅读数: 157



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