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Shantou New East Coastal Area Plans to Build 625 Hectares of Public Green Land
Date: 2018/8/30    Editor: liuxi    View: 274

From August 29 to September 4, the conceptual planning design schemes of Jinwan Park and East Coast Park were publicized on the portal of Shantou Municipal Government and the website of Shantou Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Cooperation Pilot Area, so as to widely solicit the opinions and suggestions from the public and the communities on the design schemes.

Jinwan Park and East Coast Park of Xinjin Zone of New East Coastal Area of Shantou Overseas Chinese Economic and Cultural Cooperation Pilot Area are located within four plots of E and F blocks of Xinjin Zone of Shantou New East Coastal Area, including three relatively independent park green land such as Jinwan Park and East Coast Park. The planned total land of the project is 625 hectares, including 397 hectares of park green land, 115 hectares of shelter-forest area, 75 hectares of river, and 38 hectares of planned power supply and public parking lot, with construction and installation costs of RMB 290 million. The park green space is divided into four parks according to the plot distribution. The main functions include fitness recreation area, parking lot area, wetland planting area, supporting facilities construction area, landscape water area and shelter-forest area, for the purpose of enriching the leisure life of citizens in many ways, improving the environmental quality of surrounding areas, strengthening local cultural characteristics, highlighting the urban culture in Chaoshan area, creating dynamic activity space, embodying the concept of green leisure, and creating ecological recreation space.

Source:Shantou Daily, Aug 30 ,2018

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