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Tourist Complaint
Guide for Tourism Complaint
Date:2010-01-14    Source:

To protect their own and other people's lawful rights and interests, travelers, overseas commercial travelers, domestic travel service agencies may file complaints to Shantou Travel Service Quality Supervision Office or tourism administrative authorities if their lawful rights and interests are infringed by travel service agencies. The complainant must be the traveler, overseas commercial traveler, domestic travel service provider or practitioner whose lawful rights and interests have been infringed in the complained issue.

The complainant must specify the complained unit, complaint requests and facts. Complaints must be based on facts. Complaint requests must be reasonable and lawful supported by sufficient evidence (including valid evidence and certification materials).

The complainant may file a complaint if he or she considers that:

1. The travel service provider fails to perform the contract or agreement;
2. The travel service provider fails to provide quality travel services that worth the price;
3. The damage or loss of his/her luggage is caused by the deliberate or negligent acts of the travel service provider;
4. His/her injury is caused by the deliberate or negligent acts of the travel service provider;
5. The travel service provider cheats him/her and infringes his/her interests;
6. The staff of the travel service provider take return commission in private and ask for tips; or
7. Other infringements on his/her interests occur.

The following issues shall be noted in filing tourist complaints:

1. Travelers herein refer to the travel groups/individuals organized and served by the travel agency.
2. Travel service providers herein refer to the star-level hotels, travel agencies, scenic spots and recommended tourist units in Shantou City.
3. Overseas travelers herein refer to the foreign travel agency or commercial travelers outside China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) that hold the business licenses for travel agencies.
4. Individual tourists whose lawful rights and interests are infringed by those other than the travel agencies may file complaints directly to the competent industrial and commercial administration at 12315 or other relevant authorities.
5. If the complaints do not fall into the covered scope, such complaints shall be forwarded to relevant departments, or the complainants shall be advised to file complaints with relevant departments.
6. If it is difficult to determine the quality of the travel services in common sense, the complainants shall provide the expert reports issued by the legal accrediting body.
7. The time limit for the complainant to request protection for his/her lawful rights and interests is 60 days. The time limit shall start from the time when the complainant knows or should know that his/her rights are infringed. In special circumstances, the time limit for filing complaints may be extended.

Notes for filling written complaints:

1. The complainant shall file complaints in writing, in person or via telephone. (Where complaints are made in person or via telephone, the written complaints shall be submitted later. If it is difficult to deliver the written complaints, the complainant shall go to the quality supervision office to have his/her words recorded in writing and sign thereon to confirm such written records.) The written complaints shall be legible and specify the name, gender, nationality, occupation, age, employer (team), address, telephone number of the complainant.
2. Complaints shall specify the name, mailing address, telephone number of the complained unit.
3. Complaints shall specify the requests, facts and reasons of the complaints.
4. Supporting evidence shall be provided together with the complaints.

Source: Website of the Municipal Tourism Bureau




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