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China Southern Airlines Shantou Company will Implement a New Flight Plan in the Winter and Spring Flight Season
Date:2018-10-26    Source:Shantou Daily

From October 28, 2018 to March 30, 2019, China Southern Airlines Shantou Company will implement the flight plan for 2018 winter and spring flight season at Chaoshan International Airport.

With respect to domestic air routes, during the winter and spring flight season, China Southern Airlines will open 24 domestic destinations at Chaoshan International Airport, add two air routes to Changchun City in Jilin Province and Nanchong City in Sichuan Province, and schedule four flights to Changchun every week and seven flights to Nanchong every week.China Southern Airlines will further intensify the flights from Chaoshan to Beijing, Wuhan, Guiyang, Changsha, and Zhangjiajie, etc., so as to strengthen economic and trade cooperation and economic exchanges between Chaoshan and other areas.
With respect to international and regional air routes, China Southern Airlines will intensify the air route from Chaoshan to Taipei from existing two flights every week to three flights every week, implementing the flight on every Monday, Thursday and Saturday; meanwhile, it will continue to maintain one flight to Bangkok every day, and optimize the schedule into:  10:00, departure from Chaoshan International Airport, and 12:10, arrival at  Bangkok;  for the return flight:   local time 13:10, departure, and 17:00, arrival.

In addition, China Southern Airlines will continue to take advantage of the international network, and with Guangzhou as the transferring base, introduce the connecting flights departing from Chaoshan, transferring in Guangzhou, to all parts of the world, so as to expand the coverage of departing and arriving international flights in Shantou and even eastern Guangdong.

Source:Shantou Daily, Oct 26



在国内航线方面,南航在潮汕国际机场共开通24个国内航点,新开前往吉林长春和四川南充两条航线;长春航线安排每周4班、南充航线安排每周7班。南航还将进一步加密潮汕至北京、武汉、贵阳、长沙、张家界等航线,加强潮汕与各地区的经贸合作和经济往来。在国际和地区航线方面,南航将在现有每周两班潮汕台北航线基础上加密至每周3班,逢周一、四、六执飞;同时保持每天一班曼谷航班,并将出发时刻优化为1000潮汕机场起飞、 1210到达曼谷,返程为当地时间1310起飞、1700到达。



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