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Jieyang-Huilai Expressway is Opened to Traffic
Date:2018-10-25    Source:Shantou Daily

Liangying- Rongcheng Section of Phase II of Jieyang-Huilai Expressway, the first expressway in eastern Guangdong which was jointly built by Guangdong Province and relevant cities, was officially opened to traffic on October 24.As this expressway which runs through Chaoyang District and Chaonan District is opened to traffic, the convenience of traffic in western Shantou area is greatly improved. Meanwhile, Jieyang-Huilai Expressway and Chaohui, Shankun and Shenhai expressways constitute the first expressway round in Shantou City, thus laying a solid foundation for Shantou to build a high-level national comprehensive transportation hub.

The main line of Jieyang-Huilai Expressway is 63.3 kilometers in length, including 40 kilometers of Shantou Section. The designed speed of the whole line is 100 km/h , with two-way four lanes. There are nine interchanges (five of them in the territory of Shantou City), including 8 toll entrances and exits (four of them in the territory of Shantou City), and one pair of service areas (located in Chaoyang District).After being opened to traffic, it will be more convenient for Chaoyang District's and Chaonan District's areas along Jieyang-Huilai Expressway to reach Chaoshan High-speed Rail Station. It takes only more than 30 minutes to reach Chaoshan Airport.

Source:Shantou Daily, Oct 25,2018





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