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The Principal Part of the West Breakwater of the Breakwater Project at Guang'ao Port Area in Shantou has been Completed
Date:2018-11-13    Source:Shantou Daily

The complete dike of the West Breakwater of the Breakwater Project at Guang'ao Port Area -- the public infrastructure project with the largest investment in the history of Shantou Port -- has been built, and begins to play the role of shielding the whole port area.

The Breakwater Project at Guang'ao Port Area is the public infrastructure for Guang'ao Port Area to create a 100 million-ton port. With a total length of 8055.9 meters, the Breakwater is the longest, deepest and largest breakwater in South China. Among others, the East Breakwater is 1843.3 meters long, and the West Breakwater is 6212.6 meters long. For more than six years since the commencement of the construction of the Project, the construction organizations have overcome the adverse effects of typhoon and sea conditions, etc. The East Breakwater was completed at the end of last year, and passed the check and acceptance. Recently, the construction of the West Breakwater on the land also advanced to the breakwater head, forming a complete breakwater of more than 6 kilometers.

Source:Shantou Daily,Nov 13, 2018





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