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The largest garbage incineration power plant in Eastern Guangdong is put into operation
Date:2018-12-28    Source:Shantou Daily

On the morning of December 27, garbage incineration power plant in Shantou Chaoyang District, the largest garbage incineration power plant in eastern Guangdong, was put into operation, which will fundamentally solve the problem of urban and rural garbage pollution in Chaoyang District, realize the hazard-free treatment of household garbage with volume reduced and resources recovered, and greatly improve the living environment.

The project of garbage incineration power plant in Shantou Chaoyang District covers an area of 123 mu. The total investment of the first phase and the second phase is about 1.038 billion yuan, and the designed treatment capacity is 2,250 tons/day. It is the household garbage incineration power plant with the smallest area, the largest daily treatment capacity, the highest construction standard, and the most stringent environmental emission standard in eastern Guangdong. The project is constructed in accordance with the highest national AAA standard for which advanced international mechanical grate furnace technology is adopted. The flue gas emission meets and is even superior to the latest national standard and the European Union standard. After comprehensive treatment, the sewage is treated and reused without outward discharge. After the first-phase project is put into operation, the annual generating capacity is expected to be about 170 million KWH to 190 million KWH.

Source:Shantou Daily, Dec 28,2018





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