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Shantou Port Guang'ao Port Area Phase II Waterway Completed
Date:2019-01-18    Source:Shantou Daily

Shantou Port Guang'ao Port Area Phase II Waterway with a total investment of 225 million yuan has been completed construction and survey. It has the entry and exit conditions for 100,000-ton container ships, which will significantly improve the navigation conditions of Shantou Port and help Shantou build a high-level national comprehensive transportation hub.

The project is expanded on the basis of the existing 50,000-ton waterway in Guang'ao Port Area and is constructed in accordance with the navigation standard for 100,000-ton container ships. The total length of the waterway is 6.11 kilometers, the designed navigation width is 238 meters, and the two-way navigation width for smaller ships can reach 264 meters.

At present, the two 100,000-ton container berth in the Guang'ao Port Area Phase II Project and the completion of the West Levee of the Guang'ao Port Area are being intensively pushed forward and are expected to be completed and put into use in the first half of this year, when the navigation capacity of the Guang'ao Port Area will be significantly improved and shall create conditions for opening more international ocean liner routes.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jan 18, 2019






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