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The Ten Livelihood Events of Shantou in 2019
Date:2019-01-25    Source:Shantou Daily

Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government are concerned about the people's livelihood, and carry out the Ten Livelihood Events perfectly every year. In 2019, our city will focus on the following Ten Livelihood Events: firstly, to increase investment on education; secondly, to strengthen the protection of people's livelihood at the bottom line; thirdly, to improve the level of the elderly security for urban and rural residents; fourthly, to protect the welfare of urban and rural residents; fifthly, to improve the ability of urban and rural health care services; sixthly, to implement the health management for the urban and rural environment; seventhly, to improve rural production and living conditions; eighthly, to increase environmental protection efforts; ninthly, to implement the traffic convenience project; tenthly, to improve the level of cultural benefit.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jan25, 2019




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