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Shantou Bay Tunnel construction sped up greatly
Date:2019-01-04    Source:Shantou Daily

Recently, the shield machine on the east line of the Shantou Bay Tunnel set a record high by driving 8 rings (16 meters) per day. As of January 3, 225 rings of segments have been installed along the eastern route, totaling 450 meters, of which 280 meters are located at the seabed.
The Shantou Bay Tunnel has a total length of 6.68 kilometers and is divided into two lines and two tunnels of east and west, and the shield method is adopted for its construction. The east line of the tunnel adopts the German Herrick 15.01-meter large-diameter shield for driving, while the west line adopts the 15.03-meter large diameter shield independently manufactured by our country for driving in the same direction as the east line. Such a large diameter and long distance practice of passing through the bay is the first of its kind in the country. After the tunnel is completed, it is a two-way six-lane way , and the driving speed of the main line is designed to be 60 km/h. The interior space will be divided into three layers, among which, the top is the smoke passage, the middle is the three-lane traffic layer, and the bottom is the rescue passage and pipe gallery.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jan 4, 2018





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