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Chaozhou Opera Firstly Performed on the CCTV Lantern Festival Evening Gala
Date:2019-02-20    Source:Shantou Daily

On the evening of February 19, Zhang Yihuang, Lin Chufa (famous artists from Guangdong Chiu-Chow Opera Theatre) and other actors performed the Chaozhou Opera Watching Lanterns on the 2019 CCTV Lantern Festival Evening Gala .This was the first time that Chaozhou Opera, an ancient type of opera, showed wonderfully here since the establishment of CCTV Festival Evening Gala for 34 years.

There were totally two traditional opera programs in this year's Gala. One of them was the group opera named Blessings from Golden Pigs , which gathered harlequins of the ten local operas in the country and send good wishes through a happy story of "a family" reunion during the day of Lantern Festival. Another was the Watching Lanterns chosen from Chen San and Wuniang of the classic opera, which was familiar to the fans of the Chaozhou opera. Taking "Watching Lanterns" in the Lantern Festival as the background, it told a romantic love story that Chen San (a person from Quanzhou) met Huang Wuniang therefore and finally they got married.

Source:Shantou Daily, Feb 20, 2019





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