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Shantou Passed Re-examination of 2018 National Hygienic City
Date:2019-03-21    Source:Shantou Daily

Recently, the National Patriotic Health Campaign Committee announced the results of the re-examination of national hygienic cities (districts) and national hygienic counties (villages and towns) in 2018. Shantou entered the winning list, obtaining the title of "National Hygienic City" once again.

The qualification of National Hygienic City is  subject to dynamic management and shall be re-examined every three years.2018 is the year of re-examination of Shantou's title of National Hygienic City, during which, by adhering to problem orientation, vigorously focusing on rectification and implementation and timely finding out and filling in deficiencies, the whole city, through joint efforts, solved in succession a batch of such "big and difficult" problems in urban management as the city tried but failed to solve for many years. The efforts brought the urban environmental hygiene a new look and improved the living environment significantly, and as a result, the city passed the re-examination smoothly.

Source:Shantou Daily, March 21, 2019





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