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Awarding Ceremony for 2019 Global Chinese New Year Mobile Phone Photography Competition Held in Shantou
Date:2019-03-29    Source:Shantou Daily

On the morning of March 28, the awarding ceremony for 2019 Global Chinese's New Year Mobile Phone Photography Competition, hosted by China News Service, organized by the United Front Work Department and Office of the Cyberspace Affairs Commission of Shantou Municipal Committee, was held in the History and Culture Neighborhood of the Old Community. Representatives of winners from all over the world, representatives of chambers of commerce, and central and Shantou-based media, as well as representatives of cadres and masses from all walks of life gathered together to witness this grand cultural event illustrating the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

The competition lasted for three months, opened ten divisions including 10 divisions such as the Portuguese division, the Italian division, the Guangdong division and the Zhejiang division, and solicited participating works from all over the world. In total, nearly 20,000 works were collected, the number of persons submitting works and casting votes reached nearly 50,000, and the voting volume was more than 134,000. 5 first prizes, 9 second prizes, 15 third prizes and 60 excellent prizes were awarded in the competition. In addition, 40 winners of the popularity award were selected through public voting.

In order to let more people appreciate the beauty of these award-winning works, the organizers carefully selected nearly 100 excellent photography works from about 20,000 participating works, and compiled them into a "Global Chinese's New Year Mobile Phone Photography Exhibition", which was exhibited in the History and Culture Neighborhood of the Old Community.

Source:Shantou Daily, March 29, 2019



  本次大赛历时三个月,开通了葡萄牙分赛区、意大利分赛区、广东分赛区、浙江分赛区等十个赛区,从全球范围征稿,征集到作品近2万张,投稿和投票人数近5万人,投票量超过13. 4万。大赛共评出一等奖5名,二等奖9名,三等奖15名,优秀奖60名。此外还通过大众投票,评选出人气奖获得者40名。



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