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Shantou Industrial Design City Opened for Operation
Date:2019-03-29    Source:Shantou Daily

On the morning of March 28, the opening ceremony for the "Shantou Industrial Design City", a creative design platform built by Shantou as a key project, was held, and meanwhile ,the "Longhu Cup" Global Chao Ren Industrial Design Competition was kicked off. "Shantou Industrial Design City" has completed the first phase of the project after a year of preparation and construction. In the future, it will be built into a high-end platform for gathering global design wisdom and guiding local resources to connect with global high-quality design resources, thus opening a new chapter in which Chaoshan will connect the whole country and even the whole world to perform communication and cooperation in the field of industrial design.
At the ceremony, Shantou Industrial Design City signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Shantou GDUT Institute of Collaborative Innovation, Guangdong Chaohui Network Technology Co. , Ltd. of CHJ Group, Hangzhou Aibosen Biotechnology Co. , Ltd. , Zhuhai Lingsida Elevator Co. , Ltd. and other units to carry out strategic cooperation projects.

Source:Shantou Daily, March 29,2019


  3月28日上午,汕头市重点打造的创意设计平台——“汕头工业设计城”举行开城仪式,同时启动 “龙湖杯”全球潮人工业设计大赛。“汕头工业设计城”历经一年的筹备及建设,现已完成一期工程,未来将打造成为汇聚全球设计智慧的高端平台,引导本土资源对接全球优质设计资源,开启潮汕连接全国乃至全球工业设计领域交流合作的新篇章。



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