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Shantou Promotes the Work of Adding Elevators to Existing Residential Buildings
Date:2019-06-01    Source:Shantou Daily

In order to further promote the work of adding elevators to existing residential buildings in our city and simplify the formalities for application and approval, the executive meeting of the municipal government recently deliberated and adopted the 《Implementation Opinions on Carrying out the Work of Adding Elevators to Existing Residential Buildings in Shantou City》, clarifying the scope of application, main body of implementation, implementation conditions, fund raising, management and maintenance, financial subsidies and other contents of adding elevators to existing residential buildings, and also stipulating in detail a variety of examinations involved and specifying the division of duties and responsibilities of relevant departments.
The meeting pointed out that the addition of elevators to existing residential buildings is one of the top ten livelihood events determined by the municipal party committee and the municipal government this year, and has attracted great concern from the city residents. All districts (counties) should strengthen the organization and implementation, actively mobilize, coordinate and guide existing residential buildings that meet the requirements to carry out the work of adding elevators, so as to do a good job for the livelihood events and gain concrete results.

Source:Shantou Daily, June 1, 2019





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