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Meizhou-Shantou High-speed Railway Achieved Full Track Connection
Date:2019-07-01    Source:Shantou Daily

On the morning of June 30, Meizhou high-speed railway laying project completed the laying of railway track to the terminal station Chaoshan Station in the direction of big mileage, which was connected with the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway, marking the connection of the full track of passenger dedicated line.
The Meizhou-Shantou high-speed railway is positioned as a passenger dedicated line with a design speed of 250 kilometers per hour and a total length of 122.412 kilometers. It starts from Meizhou West Railway Station in the north, passes through Jieyang City, and connects to the Chaoshan Railway Station of Xiamen-Shenzhen Railway in Chaozhou City.After the completion of the Meizhou-Shantou high-speed railway, the Meizhou guest township area will end the history of no high-speed railway and formally enter the high-speed railway era. The time from Meizhou to Guangzhou will be shortened to about 3.5 hours, the time from Meizhou to Shenzhen will be about 3 hours, and the time from Meizhou to Chaoshan will be about half an hour. This means that Meizhou can be reached in less than an hour from Shantou Railway Station.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 1, 2019





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