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The Right Line of No. 2 Tunnel of Mount Xihuan for Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway Opened to Traffic
Date:2019-08-27    Source:Shantou Daily

In the early morning of August 24, the right line of No. 2 Tunnel of Mount Xihuan for Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway was successfully opened to traffic, which was the second successful connection of another tunnel in Chaozhou-Shantou Loop project after the connection of tunnel of Mount Huamei, No.3 tunnel of Mount Xihuan, laying a solid foundation for road bidding section construction for Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway and indicating that the project has taken a step toward the goal of opening to traffic.
The No. 2 tunnel of Mount Xihuan for Chaozhou-Shantou Loop Expressway is located in the Mount Xihuan Forest Park in Chaoyang District of the city. The tunnel is designed as a two-line four-lane tunnel and is a separate long tunnel. The full length of the right line is 1040 meters, and the left line is 1072 meters. Construction started on April 4 and 28 last year respectively, and the left line is expected to be open to traffic in mid-November this year.

Source:Shantou Daily, August 27, 2019





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