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Shantou Guang'ao Port Area's West Breakwater to Be Completed before National Day
Date:2019-09-17    Source:Shantou Daily

The West Breakwater of Guang'ao Port Area, the largest public infrastructure project ever invested in Shantou Port, is about to be completed before this year's National Day. It shall work with the East Breakwater to form an encircling cover, providing an effective protective barrier for the production and construction of Guang'ao Port Area, and further laying the position of Guang'ao Port Area as the only core port area of the port group of eastern Guangdong.
Consisting of two sections of breakwater bodies, the West Breakwater and the Outside East Breakwater, the Guang'ao Port Area Breakwater Project is the longest and largest single-body deepwater breakwater in South China. At present, the first 100,000-ton berth in the second phase of Guang'ao Port Area has been put into trial operation, and the second 100,000-ton berth is going to be successfully completed and put into operation. The construction of the breakwater will effectively reduce the impact of wind and waves on the interior of the port area, provide a better marine construction environment for the third phase construction of Guang'ao Port Area, and also provide a more secure guarantee for the berthing operation of freight ships in Guang'ao Port Area.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 17, 2019





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