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Renderings of the Main Venue of 2021 Asian Youth Games were Stunningly Unveiled
Date:2019-11-15    Source:Shantou Daily

The highly concerned venue project of the 2021 Asian Youth Games has set off a construction upsurge in an all-round way: the pile foundation construction of the stadium and gymnasium is in full swing, with a total number of 2,768 pipe piles, which is expected to be completed by November 22. At the same time, the foundation slab excavation will be alternately carried out with pipe pile works with the flow operation method. According to the schedule, the construction for the foundation slabs of the first floor will be completed before December 31, and the construction of the main works of the venue will start next year.
The main venue of the Asian Youth Games consists of a 22,000-seat stadium, an 8,000-seat gymnasium (including training hall), a conference center, a training ground, an outdoor large-scale platform and the outdoor auxiliary works. The overall construction will display the characteristics of Shantou's marine culture. The allegorical "Flying Waves" will create a landmark building serving the Asian Youth Games and daily recreational-sports activities on the east coast of Shantou. The project was officially started on July 31 this year and is scheduled to be completed by May 31, 2021, with a total construction period of 22 months.

Source:Shantou Daily,Nov 15, 2019





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