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Shantou will Implement Three-Year Award Funds for Newly Updated and Registered Enterprises
Date:2019-11-10    Source:Shantou Daily

Recently, the city issued Several Policies of Shantou City to Promote Industrial Enterprises to Update. According to the Policies, the city will implement a three-year award funds for newly updated and registered industrial enterprises. The reward funds obtained by enterprises shall be used for production and operation activities such as independent innovation, technology research and development, expansion of production, brand creation, market development, payment of financing costs, etc., and shall not be used for consumer expenditures such as staff wages and purchase of vehicles. During the implementation of the Policies, the newly updated industrial enterprises that have returned treasury funds can enjoy the relevant provincial policies, but no more city and district level awards and subsidies.

Source:Shantou Daily, Nov 10 ,2019




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