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Shantou Builds Trails of Urban Waterfront Scenic Line
Date:2019-08-16    Source:Shantou Daily

Recently, the tender announcement for the design and construction integration of the riverbank landscape upgrading project and the supervision of the riverbank landscape upgrading project of the Xinjin River (east section: 324 National Highway - Jinhong Highway, west section: Danjiayuan - 324 National Highway) in Longhu District was published online. Longhu District will, by implementing the landscape upgrading project of the Xinjin River embankment, build a trail space of urban waterfront scenic line along the Xinjin River embankment.

The project is divided into two sections by east and west along the Xinjin River, its implementation length is about 13.79 kilometers, and the total investment is 82.0488 million yuan. According to the "Preliminary Design of Xinjin River Embankment Landscape Upgrading Project", the short-term goal is to create the ecological trail landscape belt of Xinjin River. Furthermore, relying on the open natural space of the Xinjin River, the goal is to strengthen the protection of ecological corridors on both sides of rivers and the construction of water-bank connectivity and accessibility, further optimize ecology and living space pattern, create public leisure and recreational places, and at the same time, improve the flood prevention and rescue capacity of flood control channels.

Source:Shantou Daily, August 16, 2019



  该项目沿新津河分为东、西两段,实施长度约 13.79 公里,总投资8204.88万元,。根据《新津河河堤景观提升工程初步设计》,近期目标是打造新津河生态徒步道景观带。依托新津河的开敞自然空间,加强河流两岸的生态廊道保护与水岸连通性和可达性建设,进一步优化生态、生活空间格局,打造公众休闲游憩场所,同时提高防汛通道的防汛抢险能力。


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