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Shantou Ranking among the Demonstration Cities of “Broadband China”
Date: 2015-10-22      Source:

Recently, MIIT posted on its website the list of 2015 Demonstration Cities (City Clusters) of "Broadband China". 3 cities in Guangdong Province made the list, including Shantou, Meizhou and Dongguan.

The period of creating such cities is 3 years. MIIT and NDRC will give priority support to the cities in the experimentation and demonstration projects of new technologies and new services of information and communication. To achieve the general goal of building a "Smart Shantou", a city that is an important gateway of the information-oriented "Maritime Silk Road" in the 21st century and a city that leads in China, a plan is now being implemented by Shantou to noticeably narrow the gap between urban and rural broadband facilities and accomplish the development objective of "gigabyte for enterprises, megabytes for homes, all-round coverage of wireless broadband" in urban areas and "optical fibers reaching every village, broadband reaching every home" in rural areas to form a satisfactory environment for broadband development.

Source:Shantou Daily, Oct 22, 2015




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