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Guests from Huarong Overseas Chinese Assets Management Co. Ltd. Come to Shantou for Investigation
Date: 2016-05-20      Source:

On the afternoon of May 19, Yang Hongwei, chairman of Huarong Overseas Chinese Assets Management Co. Ltd., came to Shantou for investigation and he carried in-deep exchange with our city on the issue of giving full play to the advantage of overseas Chinese resources in Shantou to push forward the reform and innovation in finance.

China Huarong is the biggest domestic state-run financial property management company at present. Established in 2015 and registered in PZECCOC (Pilot Zone of Economic and Culture Cooperation of Overseas Chinese), Huarong Overseas Chinese Assets Management Co. Ltd. is an important platform specializing in the development of privately offered fund under China Huarong.

Chen Liangxian, the secretary of municipal Party committee, said in the meeting that Shantou possesses a good industry foundation and great development potential and he hopes that Huarong Overseas Chinese would give full play to its advantage as a comprehensive financial service platform by considering the establishment of a regional assets management center, thus providing a multi-functional comprehensive package financial service in fields such as industrial upgrading, technological innovation, reform of state-owned enterprises and infrastructure construction to help the economic development of Shantou and realize mutual benefit and a win-win situation.

Source:Shantou Daily, May 20, 2016




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