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Chaoshan Folk Customs
Chaoshan Folk Custom
Date: 2009-12-10      Source: Website Of Shantou Government

As a branch of Chinese folk cultures, Chaoshan folk customs are the fusion of Han culture, Baiyue folk culture and exotic cultures, demonstrating special features and systematic organization. Some of Chaoshan folk customs includes dietary customs such as "Seven Vegetables Soup" for the 7th day of Chinese Lunar New Year and "Winter Tang-yuan" for winter solstice; wedding customs such as the chanting of four-sentence wishes by the so-called Qingmuniang (an old woman hosting the marriage ceremony); birth celebration customs such as the banquet held by families with baby boys and the so-called "Ex-Garden Ceremony" in celebration of the passage to adulthood; annual worship ceremonies for the eight traditional festivals; entertaining customs such as "Bantu Play"(a costume parade) and "Flower Lantern Game"; and communication customs such as presenting gifts in even numbers for happy occasions and gifts in odd numbers for regretful occasions.

Information Source: Shantou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Press and Publicatio


  潮汕民俗是中华民俗文化的一支,是汉文化与百越民俗文化及外来文化相融合的结晶,别具特色、自成体系。有农历正月初七吃“七样羹”,冬至吃“冬节丸”等饮食习俗;有请青娘母做“四句”等婚娶习俗 ;有“吃丁酒”、“出花园”等生育习俗 ;有时年八节祭拜等岁时民俗 ;有“搬涂戏”、“赛花灯”等游艺民俗 ;有好事送礼成双、歉事送礼奇数等交际礼俗……



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