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Chaoshan Local Products
Chaoshan Local Produces
Date: 2009-12-12      Source: Shantou Almanac 2008

Chaoshan cultivates a wide variety of agricultural products. Rice, peanut, sugar cane and jute are traditional bulk products. Chaoshan produces various Lingnan fruits. Chaozhou citrus is called the "Queen of Citrus". Apple, olive, bayberry, Indian gooseberry and pomegranate are famous local fruits. Chaoshan enjoys the reputation of the "Kingdom of Vegetables". Seasonal vegetables are available in market places all year round. Chaoshan is known for its quality local vegetables such as mustard, cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, and vegetable seeds are sought-after both at home and abroad. Chaoshan is also famous for its poultry such as Shitou geese, (which are known as the "King of Birds"), Outing chickens and local black pigs. Chaoshan is bestowed with abundant aquatic products, including precious eels, groupers, pomfrets, sierras, prawns, green crabs, shuttle crabs, squids, oysters and lavers. Chaozhou seafood cuisines are popular at home and abroad for their fresh foodstuff, exquisite cooking and unique flavor. Local flavor foods such as beef balls, pork balls, fish balls and oyster pancakes win universal praise for Chaoshan. Various pickled fruits and vegetables make traditional popular dishes. Handicrafts such as Chaoshan drawnworks and gold-lacquered woodcarving works enjoy high reputation at home and abroad. Colored ceramics, bead embroideries and silver and gold ornaments are famous local handicrafts as well.

    Source: Shantou Almanac 2008





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