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The Port-opening Area of Shantou Small Park wThe old city of Shantou Small Park will Become a Cultural Tourism Highlandill Become a Cultural Tourism Highland
Date: 2017-06-04      Source:

The Old city of Shantou Small Park was once the symbol of Shantou’s economic prosperity in the 1930s. It is not only the historical witness of a 100-year commercial port, but also the common home of Teochew people at home and abroad. Since last year, the Arcade in Xidi Road, Zhongshan Memorial Pavilion, Tongwen School, Guiyuan Garden, Xiangyuan Garden and other renovation pilot projects have been successively completed, which has led to an upsurge of “Old city cultural tourism”. During the Spring Festival this year alone, nearly 300,000 people were here for sightseeing. The future Small Park area will be positioned as “the common home of Teochew people and cultural tourism highland. It will be comprehensively built into a cultural tourism area with Teochew characteristics —— “Small Park Port-opening Historic Conservation Area”. Currently, the tourism planning of the Port-opening Area of Shantou Small Park scenic area positioning, format implantation and spatial arrangement has been completed. It will be built into an “Internet plus tourism” intelligent characteristic tourist area with seven major functional blocks.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jun 4 2017


  小公园开埠区曾是上世纪30年代汕头经济繁荣的象征,是百载商埠的历史见证,更是海内外潮人共同的精神家园。去年以来,西堤路骑楼、中山纪念亭、同文学堂、桂园、香园等修缮试点工程的相继完成,带动了一股“开埠文化游”热潮,仅今年春节期间,就有近30万人次游客到此游览观光。未来的小公园片区将以“潮人精神家园,文化旅游高地”为定位,全面打造成一个集“文化、骑楼、美食、购物、闲娱、文创、怀旧、度假、养生、节庆”于一体的潮汕特色文化旅游街区“小公园开埠历史文化街区”。 目前小公园开埠区已完成景区定位、业态植入、空间布局、交通配套等旅游策划,将以七大功能板块打造“互联网+旅游”智慧特色旅游区。

来源:汕头日报 2017-6-4

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