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Chen Liangxian Leads Shantou Delegation to Attend China (Guangdong) - Israel Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference and other Events
Date: 2017-06-09      Source:

On the morning of June 7 (local time), Chen Liangxian, Secretary of the CPC Shantou Municipal Committee, led Shantou delegation to visit Israel, and attended China (Guangdong) - Israel Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference and Guangdong - Israel Investment and Innovation Development Forum in Tel Aviv.

At the Forum, Chen Liangxian delivered a speech with the title “Carrying Forward the Spirit of the Silk Road and Achieving Win-win Development”, and briefed the participants on the investment environment of Shantou and the situation of Shantou’s cooperation with Israel. He pointed out that Shantou would offer unreserved support for building Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology into a world-class innovative university, as well as, relying on Guangdong Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, accelerate the construction of China and Israel (Shantou) Science and Technology Innovation Cooperation Zone, and promote bilateral exchanges and cooperation in the aviation industry, modern agriculture, clean energy, biotechnology, medical equipment, sewage treatment and other fields. At the China (Guangdong) - Israel Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference, Shantou Technician College, Tianan Cyber Park (Group) Co., Ltd., Shantou Ruixiang Mould Co. Ltd. and other companies respectively signed contracts with the relevant parties of Israel for conducting positive cooperation in civil aviation, science and technology innovation incubator, technology transfer platform and other aspects.

Source:Shantou Daily, Jun 9 2017



  研讨会上,陈良贤作了题为《弘扬丝路精神 实现发展共赢》的演讲,向与会嘉宾介绍汕头投资环境及与以色列合作情况。他指出,汕头将全力以赴支持把广东以色列理工学院办成一所世界一流的创新型大学,并依托广东以色列理工学院,加快建设中以(汕头)科技创新合作区,推动双方在航空产业、现代农业、清洁能源、生物技术、医疗器械、污水治理等领域的交流合作。在中国(广东)—以色列经贸合作交流会上,汕头技师学院、天安数码城(集团)有限公司、汕头瑞祥模具有限公司等分别与以色列有关方面签约,在民用航空、科技创新孵化器、技术转移平台等积极方面开展合作。

来源:汕头日报 2017-6-9

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