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Thirty “Dika” Shared Cars Enter Nan’ao
Date: 2018-07-25      Source:

In order to facilitate tourists' self-help travel in Nan’ao Island, “Dika” shared cars have been officially put into operation in Nan’ao Island since July. The first batch of 30 shared cars put into operation are popular with tourists. The operation company plans to put more shared cars into operation in Nan’ao Island next month.

Before a user can use a“Dika” shared car, he must pay a deposit of RMB 999, with a mileage fee of RMB 1.48 / kilometer and a minimum consumption of RMB 6. For the cars put into operation in Nan’ao Island, if a tourist should go to a liaison office for the use and return of the car; otherwise, he will not be able to settle his order. The tourist can also drive the car away from Nan’ao Island and park it in a parking lot of Chaoshan Airport or a high-speed rail station.

“Dika” shared cars have been put into operation in Jinping District, Longhu district and Nan'ao County in Shantou City. In the future, they will be put into operation in other districts and counties as well as the surrounding cities.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 25, 2018


  用户在使用“滴卡”共享汽车前需缴纳押金999元,里程费1.48元/公里,最低消费6元。在南澳岛投放的车辆,游客在岛内用车还车要前往各个联络点,其他 一律无法结算订单。游客也可以将车辆驶离南澳,开往潮汕机场或者高铁站相关停车场停放。


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