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Construction of the Supporting Road Network for the Main Venues of the Asian Youth Games in Shantou is Accelerating
Date: 2020-04-16      Source: Shantou Daily


As the location of the main venues of the Asian Youth Association in 2021 and the East Campus of Shantou University, our city is fully promoting construction of the supporting infrastructure in the Tagangwei area of the new city on the east coast. At present, soft foundation treatment for the newly built 6 municipal roads in this area are undergoing. The main construction is planned to start from mid-June and be completed as possible in June next year. Zhongyang Avenue, the east-west urban expressway, will form a loop with the East Coast Avenue after it opens, vigorously improving the transportation capacity of the Tagangwei area, and jointly playing an important role with the road network inside the East Coast new city.

As a supporting municipal engineering for the main venue of the Asian Youth Games, the total investment of the road construction project in the Tagangwei area is about up to 2.7 billion yuan. Among them, 6 roads are all designed according to the latest urban road standards from two-way 4 lanes to two-way 10 lanes, with high traffic capacity. Furthermore, there are many inland rivers that are naturally formed and preserved in the area, and many bridges of different shapes along the main and secondary roads are designed, adding a lot of scenery lines for the landscape in the area.

Source:Shantou Daily, April 16, 2020





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