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The East Line of Shantou Bay Tunnel Has Been Completed
Date: 2020-05-17      Source: Shantou Daily


On the morning of May 16, the East Line of Shantou Bay Tunnel, known as the "World-Class Super Project", has been successfully completed!

The Shantou Bay Tunnel has a total length of 6.68 kilometers and among which 3,047.5 meters of tunnel pass through the shield section of the sea bottom. It is divided into two lines for east and west tunnels. Since the official tunneling of the shield machine on the east line on April 17, 2018, it lasted 760 days and overcame many difficulties. Finally, the submarine tunneling of 1,524 rings was realized for a total length of 3,047.5 meters, and it successfully arrived at the received well on the north bank to achieve completion. Next, the China Railway Tunnel Bureau will go all out to advance the shield tunneling of the west line, strive to complete the project in August, and fight towards the goal of opening the main line on September 30, 2021.After the project is completed, the traffic in the inner bay will be guaranteed smooth 24/7, and free traffic will be implemented to promote the development of "One Bay and Two Shores".

Source:Shantou Daily, May 17, 2020





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