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Growth rate of Shantou's Foreign Trade Imports and Exports Ranked First in Guangdong Province in the Previous 5 Months
Date: 2020-07-03      Source: Shantou Daily

Since the beginning of this year, under the complex situation of the pandemic spread all over the world and stagnation of the world economy, Shantou has overcome difficulties and realized the growth in its import and export trade against the trend.From January to May, the city's total import and export volume was 26.82 billion yuan, an increase of 12.9%. The growth rate ranked first in the province.Among them, the export volume was 20.26 billion yuanincreasing by 13.7%; the import volume was 6.56 billion yuan, rising by 10.4%.

The main export products are products from the local advantageous industrial clusters, including toys, garments, underwear, home wear, ceramics, stationery, bags and suitcases, cosmetics, electromechanical products, health products, medical equipment and packaging machinery, etc. These products have strong competitiveness in the domestic and international markets are particularly suitable for the business model of e-commerce and cross-border e-commerce.The main imports include fruits and aquatic and marine products, coal, liquefied petroleum gas, plastic raw materials, electromechanical products.

  Source:Shantou Daily,July 3, 2020





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