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Main Construction of the Wind Tower on the South Bank of the Shantou Gulf Tunnel Is Completed
Date: 2020-07-20      Source: Shantou Daily

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On the afternoon of July 18, the wind tower on the south bank of the Shantou Gulf Tunnel with the theme "Maritime Silk Road Gateway" was successfully capped, which meant that the main body construction had been completed.

The Shantou Gulf Tunnel sets up a wind tower on the north and south banks separately as a ventilation for the tunnel. Among them, the wind tower on the south bank was first constructed in November last year. The tower is 64.8 meters high and 10.7 meters in diameter. A modern configuration method is adopted in its appearance, which reflects the characteristics of Shantou as the gateway to the Maritime Silk Road and expresses the influence of the Chaoshan culture in the world. The successful capping of the wind tower on the south bank means that the main construction has been completed. Later, construction of the external decoration of the glass curtain walls will be carried out. Construction of the wind tower on the north bank will also be started, which will become the iconic landmark of the bay tunnel.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 20, 2020


7月18日下午,主题为 “海丝门户”的汕头海湾隧道南岸风塔顺利封顶,完成主体工程建设。



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