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Shantou Makes Every Effort to Accelerate the Progress, Improve Quality and Efficiency of the Key Project Construction
Date: 2020-09-05      Source: Shantou Daily

Since this year, the city has leveraged key projects as crucial support points to promote development and seek sustainability, and taken a combination of measures to vigorously accelerate the progress, improve quality and efficiency of the key project construction. By the end of July, 145 out of 222 new planned projects had been started.

To cope with the problems of shortage of project funds, the city has established a sound mechanism for major project financing docking. There have been 73 key projects in the city successfully docked with 14 financial institutions, with a total of credit line of 84.2 billion yuan, which provides adequate capital guarantees for further construction of key projects. Meanwhile, the city actively performs well in the application of special loan projects, and by the end of July, a total of 11.632 billion yuan of special loan in 2020 had been accumulated. In terms of coordinating land use indexes and strengthening resource guarantees, our city has established a docking mechanism between natural resources departments and key project construction units. In the first 7 months of this year, 7,531 mu (1,240.63 acres) of construction land and 1,258 mu (207.24 acres) of forest land had been approved for key projects, and 7 remaining maritime issues in the history had been solved.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 5, 2020





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