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Shantou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen is Inaugurated
Date: 2021-12-24      Source: Shantou Daily

On the afternoon of December 22, the first general meeting of members of Shantou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen and the inauguration ceremony of the first directors and supervisors was held at Xiamen Tianyuan Grand Hotel. This marks the official inauguration of Shantou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen and the Chaozhou businessmen have their own "home" in Xiamen.

Shantou Chamber of Commerce in Xiamen currently has more than 70 member units, covering the scope of real estate, construction, decoration, investment, trade, finance, petrochemical, catering, tourism, logistics and other sectors. It will serve as a bridge and a bond for communication between Xiamen and Chaoshan areas, and play a positive role in promoting economic construction and social development.

Source: Shantou Daily, Dec 24, 2021




来源:汕头日报 2021-12-24

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