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Shantou Plans to Build 280 Hectares of Offshore Wind Power Innovation Industrial Park
Date: 2022-09-14      Source: Shantou Daily


Relying on its unique resource endowments, location-based advantages and industrial foundation, Shantou plans to build 280 hectares of offshore wind power innovation industrial park in line with forward-looking strategies and high standards. Shantou will take this park as the main undertaking platform for its development of offshore wind power, and make every effort to build it into an innovative manufacturing smart park for the entire offshore wind power industry chain.

Located in the area adjacent to Guang'ao Port in Haojiang District, the offshore wind power innovation industrial park has a planned area of about 280 hectares. It plans to bring in leading wind power upstream and downstream enterprises in key spare parts production, technology research and development, construction, and operation and maintenance, for the purpose of accelerating the formation of the hotbed for the development of industry clusters and the source of technological innovation. Currently, the construction of the phase I projects of the park's infrastructure supporting works, including Hezhong Road and East Qingzhou Road, is being accelerated, which are expected to be completed in February next year. At that time, the connection between the park's roads and surrounding main roads will be completed, running through the road network.

Source:Shantou Daily, Sep 4, 2022




来源:汕头日报 2022-9-4

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