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Shantou July 19th (719) E-commerce Festival Kicks Off
Date: 2023-07-20      Source: Shantou Daily

On the morning of July 19, Shantou July 19th (719) E-commerce Festival, which was hosted by Shantou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, was held at Shantou International Hotel, for the purpose of boosting digital transformation of traditional enterprises via E-commerce channels, enhance Shantou’s industrial brand value, and promoting the integrated development of “Shantou industries + E-commerce”.

This E-commerce festival themed on "Enhancing Shantou’s Industry Competitiveness via E-commerce", focusing on "online + offline" activities. The starting ceremony for the construction of “E-commerce towns” in Heping Town and Waisha Sub-district in Shantou was announced on the venue, and the unveiling ceremony of the “Key Development City of the Kuaishou E-commerce Industry Belt” was held, for the purpose of presenting the products of Shantou Industrial Belt to consumers in better substance and form. During this E-commerce festival, the representatives from many well-known E-commerce platforms at home and abroad, including Shopee, the largest cross-border E-commerce platform in Southeast Asia, and Ozon, Russia's largest cross-border platform, attended the event to share, providing the latest E-commerce information substance for the representatives of enterprises and associations.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 20, 2023



  此次电商节以“汕头电商 产业完美”为主题,主推“线上+线下”活动。现场宣布启动我市和平镇、外砂街道“电商小镇”建设启动仪式,并举行“快手电商产业带重点发展城市”揭牌仪式,希望以此将汕头产业带商品以更好的内容形式呈现在消费者面前。本次电商节中,包括东南亚最大跨境电商平台Shopee、俄罗斯最大跨境平台Ozon等国内外多家知名电商平台代表到场分享,为企业、协会代表带来最新电商资讯干货。

来源:汕头日报 2023-7-20

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