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Amway Will Invest More Than RMB 60 Million to Build the Experience Hall in Shantou
Date: 2016-07-15      Source:

With further improvement of the investment environment, Shantou has attracted international investment projects to settle down.Amway, a global direct selling giant, will invest about RMB 60 million in Shantou to build Amway Shantou Experience Hall, which is planned to be put into use in this year.

Amway Shantou Experience Hall will be located in the GDH Building in the core area of Shantou City, with a total construction area of over 1,600 square meters. The top management of Amway Corporation said that the Chinese market is Amway’s largest market, and Amway is optimistic about the size of Shantou’s huge consumer market and the potential for consumption and is very confident about the market in Shantou.Amway’s selection for in-depth layout in Shantou will provide more mass entrepreneurship platforms and cultural experience platforms for Shantou which is in the critical period of economic transformation. And the future successful experience of Shantou market will provide help for Amway Corporation to explore more emerging potential markets.

Source:Shantou Daily, July 15, 2016




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