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Local produces
Date: 2009-12-17      Source: Shantou Culture, Broadcasting, TV and News Publication Bureau

 A wide variety of agricultural products, rice, peanuts, sugar cane, jute is a traditional staple products. Rich in a variety of Lingnan good fruit, citrus Chaozhou known as the "Citrus Queen", apples, olives, red bayberry, Yau Kam, Australia and other local famous pomegranate fruit. Is the prestigious "vegetable kingdom," the four seasons are high-quality seasonal vegetables, should the city package mustard, early imperial Chinese cabbage, kale flowers, broccoli flowers are privileged local varieties, improved varieties of rapeseed renowned at home and abroad. The more well-known poultry lion geese, gulls Ting chicken, local black pig and so on, particularly in the lion"s head, goose"s most famous, known as "King of 100 birds." The sea, fresh water product is very rich, the most valuable of the eel, grouper, pomfret, mackerel, shrimp, Live Crab, swimming crab, squid, oysters, seaweed and so on. A rich selection of seafood as the main raw material of the Chiu Chow, the materials used in its elegant, ingenious, unique and delicious popular at home and abroad. With beef balls, pork balls, fish balls "three balls" and oysters baked flavor as represented by food, popular. All kinds of pickled vegetables, preserved fruits, and are traditional dishes. Chaozhou-Shantou Artex, living symbol of wood carving and other handicrafts, enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad, ceramics, beaded, gold and silver ornaments are also very well-known.

Source:  Shantou Culture, Broadcasting, TV and News Publication Bureau




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